In Mold Finishing

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group has developed many novel methods for In Mold Finishing in blow molds.


In Mold Cutting has in mold knives that cut off blow domes, without chips, inside of the mold.  The mold cavities can have complex shapes and the cuts can be on compound angles.  Our technology allows the scrap domes to be attached slightly to the flash so that part take out on the blow molding machine takes everything out of the press.


In Mold Punching is used for finishing holes of the blow mold.  We have technology to punch either single wall or compression molded areas.  The slugs are retained in the punches and can be either ejected after the part is ejected or can be retained in the flash in the case of compression molded areas and either knocked out by the operator or a secondary machine.



Blow Stands

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group designs and builds custom bottom blow stands for blow molding presses.  We can incorporate parison spreaders, pre-pinch bars, and unscrewing blow pins into our blow stands.  We build many blow stands for the industrial packaging industry and are utilized for high production 24/7 running.




Head Tooling

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group designs and builds standard and quick change head tooling for all types of blow molding machines.  Quick Change Head Tooling is a segmented tooling design that uses a main adapter mandrel and bushing that stay in the blow molding machine head.  Segmented head tooling rings are then bolted and unbolted using SHCS bolts so they are smaller and easier to change.  Also, if head tooling shaping is required, just the bushing for that particular size of tooling has to be modified.

Secondary Fixtures

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group designs and builds all types of secondary deflashing, finishing and test fixtures.  We custom build our frames and enclosures to fit your process and part.  Our In-house PLC programming allows us to custom design each fixture.  We build hydraulic knock out presses for removing flash.  We also build secondary finishing machines to finish parts where In Mold Finishing is not practical or the best process to finish the blow molded part.  Since we build molds and fixtures In-house, we fit the best process to the part instead of force fitting our process to something could be completed a better or more efficient way.  We also design and build inspection fixtures for plastic or metal parts.