Blow Molds

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group is a ‘Blow Mold Manufacturing Specialist’. What this means is that our shop has been built around providing total solutions for manufacturers of blow molded parts. We specialize in complex blow molds that are designed with articulation, interchangeable inserts, and complex parting lines. We build molds for the following types of blow molding machines: Conventional, Suction, Continuous Extrusion, and Co-extrusion. Our engineering department utilizes Pro/E and SolidWorks to design a mold from your data or to develop part data based on your ideas.

Our CNC department has both late model HAAS and Hurco high speed CNC vertical machining centers. Our CNC machinists program on the shop floor using PowerMill and MasterCAM NC programming software to determine the most efficient method of machining to the 3-D mold data that was generated in our engineering department. Our gundrill is an efficient way of drilling waterlines into our molds to optimize cooling.



Our toolmakers perform the final assembly of the molds and sandblast the cavities. We then test the water, air and hydraulics in our final assembly area. Please see our Tooling Technology page for information on our Blow Stand, Head Tooling, In Mold Finishing, and Secondary Finishing equipment that we also offer.





Injection Molds

Hawkeye Preferred Tooling Group designs and builds injection molds to support our customers that design and produce both blow molded and injection molded products.  We can produce high precision injection molds for up to a 1500 ton press.  Using SolidWorks and Pro/E to design our molds, we utilize standard mold bases and components wherever possible in order to make maintenance and repair straightforward.  With our Wire and Sinker EDM machines, and hard milling capabilities we insert the cores and cavities with hardened steel for long life and durability.